The Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) is the first and largest regional music business network in Germany. With more than 100 companies amongst its members, IHM represents companies and self-employed persons with more than 1.500 permanent employees, a far higher number of freelancers, and an annual sales volume of all member organizations of more than 500 million euros. Its main objective is the establishment of the structural requirements through networking, public relations, lobbying, and project work.

Founded in March 2004, the IHM is supposed to support and help shaping the city of Hamburg as a location of music and music industry. The IHM is the network of music industry in Hamburg. Main target is the development of general structural conditions which enable successful and independent business in the music sector by means of networking, public relations and lobbying.

IHM represents enterprises in all branches of the music industry, such as artist agencies, management companies, production companies, publishers, labels, concert organizers, event agencies, nightclubs, digital service providers, media lawyers, promotion agencies, music media or music-related institutions.

Maximum priority is thereby given to active networking of the Hamburg music industry among itself as well as with essential players of other sectors related in terms of content or structure on a regional, national or international level. The IHM is a professional site and a contributor for the exchange between its members and representatives of business, politics and administration.

Concerning the common interests of its members, the IHM serves as a contact towards politics and administration. This includes specific lobbying for the implementation of branch related interests. Target of the IHM is to embed music business with a lasting effect into the consciousness of the city and to strengthen the location Hamburg as a music metropolis on a national and international level.

Articles of Association

Management & Office

Managing Director: Timotheus Wiesmann

Project Management: Sarah Amirfallah, Fabian Baßenhoff, Agnes Böttcher, Lene Eckert, Hannah Geistbeck, Annika Hintz, Lena Ingwersen, Norman Müller

Contact: IHM e.V. | Neuer Pferdemarkt 1 | 20359 Hamburg | Germany | +49 40 468 9858-50 |

Board of Directors

Christoph Becker (BASS Musik Produktion)

Thorsten Freese (Believe Digital)

Pia Hoffmann (Pia Hoffmann Music Supervising)

Leif Nüske (Mojo Club)

Alexander Schulz (Reeperbahn Festival)

Nicola Tyszkiewicz (FamilyHouse Production)

Christian Wiesmann (FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen)

Advisory Board

Anna Fietz (FluxFM)

Christian Gerlach (Neuland Concerts)

Markus Hedke (Warner Chappell)

Lars Ingwersen (Schiff & Anker)

Karsten Jahnke (Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion)

Katharina Köhler (Deichkind Management)

Anja Obersteller (Edel Music & Entertainment GmbH)

Frank Otto (FerryHouse)

Kerstin Schnitzler (Stage Entertainment)

Uriz von Oertzen (Hi-Life - Agentur für Veranstaltungen u. Konzerte)