Hamburg Haus @ Reeperbahn Festival

Welcome to Hamburg Haus! For Reeperbahn Festival, the Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) has established a base for artists, creative companies and institutions from Hamburg’s music industry, and their international guests, to be used for receptions & showcases, industry & company presentations, B2B meetings, and matchmaking sessions. It’s a place for international visitors to connect with key players of the German and the global music industry, to see up-and-coming artists – both local and international - at showcase concerts, to learn about Hamburg’s and its partner cities’ creative industries, and to talk about industry-related topics at panel discussions.




Programme 2018:

Wednesday, September 19
19:00-20:00   Backseat PR Reception
20:00-00:30   Hamburg X Paris Music Night presented by Backseat PR & Kiosquorama - Showcase
w/ Jett Rebel, Dominique Dalcan/TemperanceBrett NewskiSalima Drider

Thursday, September 20
11:00-13:00   Soundcheck Hamburg - der politische Empfang
13:30-15:00   Munich & Hamburg: Meet The World Of Music - Matchmaking Session
15:00-16:30   Music Business Summer School Alumni Meeting
16:30-18:00   BKP Tea Time
19:00-19:30   Music Cities Network - Reception
19:30-01:00   Music Cities Network - Showcase
w/ Athletic ProgressionRÁNVoyouInge van CalkarBBXO

Friday, September 21
12:00-14:00   Reeperbahn-Frühstück - Networking Reception
14:30-15:30   Music Cities Network Panel - How should music institutions deal with artists accused of being discriminatory?
16:00-17:00   Hamburg meets Nantes - Matchmaking Session
19:30-20:30   freibank & hfn music reception
20:30-01:30   Freihfn, a Freibank and hfn showcase
w/ 2ND BLOODBetter PersonDenai MooreNull + Void


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