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Who we are
The representation of interests for Hamburg's music business

Our mission

Hamburg Music is Germany's first regional music business association and one of the largest in Europe with currently around 140 member companies. Hamburg Music thus represents companies and freelancers with more than 1,500 permanent employees, far more freelancers and an annual sales volume of all member companies of over €1 billion.

Hamburg Music was founded in March 2004 as the "Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft" (Hamburg Music Industry Interest Group) with the purpose of promoting and helping to shape Hamburg as a location for music and the music industry. We are the network of the music industry in Hamburg. The basic goal is to create structural conditions for successful and independent business in the field of music by means of networking, public relations and lobbying.

  • Networking

    We know each other: As a network of Hamburg's music industry, we not only take care of the networking among our members, we also provide connections to potential new business partners, industry colleagues and experts - in Germany and worldwide. Whether it's business trips to Japan, hamburger dinners at SXSW or the "Hamburg Haus" at the Reeperbahn Festival - we mediate references and connections.

  • Qualification

    The music business is one of the most multifaceted and dynamic industries - which is why continuing education plays a central role at Hamburg Music. With our nationally and internationally renowned Music Business Summer Schools as well as numerous free workshops, seminar series and discussion rounds with experts, we ensure that both newcomers to the profession as well as old hands always have an overview.

  • Advocation

    Hamburg Music is the mouthpiece of the music industry in the Hanseatic city: We ensure that industry players can speak with a common voice on important issues - both in the direction of politics and to the public. Our mission statement is to strengthen Hamburg as a city of music - by promoting structures for successful business, identifying potential and taking a stand.

  • International Cooperation

    The majority of Hamburg's music industry operates internationally - and so do we. Hamburg Music presents the music companies of the Hanseatic city on industry festival stages such as SXSW and ESNS, networks its members with international business partners, opens up key international markets with them and offers financial support for export activities.

  • Innovation

    Hardly any other industry is undergoing such constant change as the music industry. It is therefore a driver and pioneer of analog and digital innovation and a creative idea generator for the entire economy. Hamburg Music supports the Hanseatic city's innovation ecosystem and helps its members adapt to shifting priorities and changing conditions and navigate through crises.

  • Rooms & spaces

    The music industry plays an essential role in transforming urban areas into attractive, urban living spaces. A lack of space, new construction instead of conversion, rapidly rising rents and redensification are a major threat to the music and creative ecosystem. Hamburg Music is committed to the preservation and creation of musically and music-economically used spaces close to the city center.

  • Music City Marketing

    In addition to a few musical "lighthouses", the multitude of small, medium and large-scale activities of Hamburg's music industry is crucial for the city's image as one of the most important music cities in the world. We are experts in the presentation and external image of Hamburg as a city of music at festivals, conferences and industry events worldwide and promote cooperation with other music cities on a national and international level.


Sarah Amirfallah

Project Management

  • Music Business Summer School
  • International Music Business Summer School
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 55   E-Mail sarah.amirfallah@musikwirtschaft.org

Fabian Baßenhoff

Project Management

  • Music Business Export Programme
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 53   E-Mail fabian.bassenhoff@musikwirtschaft.org

Beatrix Dalsass

Project Management

  • Hamburg Music International
  • Music Business Summer School
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 58   E-Mail beatrix.dalsass@musikwirtschaft.org

Hannah Geistbeck

Project Management

  • Hamburg Music International
  • Music Business Summer School
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 54   E-Mail hannah.geistbeck@musikwirtschaft.org

Marie Maring

Project Management

  • Hamburg Music Boost
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 56   E-Mail marie.maring@musikwirtschaft.org

Norman Müller

Public Relations & Communications, Project Management

  • Hamburg Haus
  • Hamburg @ SXSW
  +49 (0)40 468 98 58 - 52   E-Mail norman.mueller@musikwirtschaft.org


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Pia Hoffmann Music Supervising

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Alexander Schulz

RBX GmbH, first chairman of the board of directors

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Thorsten Freese

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Neuland Concerts, first chairman of the advisory board

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