Music Cities Network

The Music Cities Network (MCN) is a transnational non-profit association uniting music cities and policy makers around the globe. The network is dedicated to improving communication collaboration, business, arts, and policies for all music city stakeholders. The MCN was initiated in 2016 by Sound Diplomacy and Hamburg Music and - after five years under the umbrella and support of Hamburg Music  - legally established in 2021. Founding members are Aarhus, Bergen, Berlin, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Groningen, Manchester, Nantes, Reykjavik, and Sydney. 

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the existing and emerging challenges of the global music industry have become more vital than ever. A future-proofed music industry needs to become more diverse, fairer, and healthier. That is why the MCN aims to contribute to this mission by intensifying borderless cultural exchange and business opportunities between music cities through enabling platforms which promote innovation.

The MCN is a member-based network that actively designs hands-on solutions to bridge the gaps between all music city stakeholders: artists, music entrepreneurs, city marketing strategists, and music policy makers. The actions aim towards fulfilling MCN's vision of getting decision makers and politicians to sustainably acknowledge music as an integrated part of city development. 

The network works towards this vision through shaping artist-, business-, and city development by facilitating joint projects, research, publications, and networking activities. By sharing strategies, policies, and insights, we focus on inspiring and developing cities as music cities in all dimensions between the musical scene, economy, politics, and tourism. 

Lena Ingwersen, former Hamburg Music Project Manager and MCN Project Lead, is the managing director. The network is based in Hamburg, but acts transnationally. More info here: